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We are a development company specialized in providing bespoke software and quality web solutions. Since 2013 we have successfully delivered dozens of projects to our happy customers in 9 countries.

Our goal is to help our customer's business grow by offering innovative solutions and providing top quality software. Constant communication, passion and flexibility are the values we believe in and which make us ideal long-term partners.

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Péter Illés

Péter Illés

Managing Partner
Norbert Zsombori

Norbert Zsombori

Lead Developer
Dávid Simon

Dávid Simon


Szilva Bálint

Szilva Bálint


Zoltán Sárosi

Zoltán Sárosi


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We are always looking for passionate, creative and driven people to work with.

We believe that experience and knowlegdge should be shared, so we encourage communication between team members and hold in-house training programs. Get to know us, how we roll and what we love about our jobs.

At C4studio we hire for fit and ambition, rather than qualifications and degrees, so if you think you got what it takes, visit our careers page or drop us a line.

Software development process

Here at C4studio we adapt our approach based on customer preferences and project requirements ensuring that our development process is flexible and transparent for everyone involved. In the following we wish to offer you some insights on this process:

  1. Analysis of Business Requirements

    It all starts with that first phone call or email, detailing your requirements. Our initial focus will be on exploring your challenges and needs and matching these with our skills and resources. Together we will be documenting all of your requirements, which should be actionable, measurable, related to the identified business needs and defined to a level of detail sufficient for system design. Soon enough we'll be drafting solutions and prototyping.

  2. Software Architecture Design

    Think of architecture design as the scaffolding upon which your software is built. As such it is crucial to create it properly. Architecture design is an iterative process: we start by defining the high-level structures of your entire system and then the specifics of its components. We'll analyze functional requirements, quality attributes (such as security, performance, reliability, scalability and reusability) and integration with other systems.

  3. Development and Quality Assurance

    After finalizing the system design, the development phase starts. This is the core activity of any software development process. The development is often done in stages, with clear outcomes defined for each stage. At the end of each stage the code is tested against the requirements to make sure that the product is actually addressing your needs defined during the requirements stage.

  4. Deployment

    After a succesful final testing, the product in now ready for deployment. We will be assisting you with the deployment to the production environment and ensure everything is working as intended.

  5. Maintenance

    Software maintenance is focused on preventing and correcting errors, but it can also be aimed at adapting and perfecting the current systems. We can help you and your systems keep up-to-date with the latest changes in technology, make minor changes to extend functionality, perform user experience improvements or tweak your software to prolong its lifespan.

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